Transporting your bicycle couldnt be easier ,Racebike is the brainchild of Dennis Richards

We started out transporting bikes on regular open trailers but realized the need for bikes to be transported in a safe and secure way ,therefore we recently purchased a  fully enclosed trailer in which your bike will be transported with no disassembly required.

Bikes are not disassembled for transport, but in the case a client brings his bike to us in a box or case we assemble at race.We are fully capable mechanics and can assist with all technicai issues and backup

Racebike specializes in bicycle transport, tours, group ride logistics and also another division transporting motorcycles between Cape Town, Gauteng and KZN.

Furthermore we offer professional bike services and mechanical services at multi stage events. Bike assembly and packing for travel if required after events

We pledge that although our prices are excellent we WILL take the best possible  care of your prized possession.